About Sinbaiyi

Sinbaiyi was founded in 2003 and moved to Tainan Science and Industry District in 2006. It has been more than ten years since its establishment. It specializes in computer CNC full-process processing service production. The products meet the requirements of international standards, and the orders from domestic and foreign factories have been accepted for a long time, and the customer base is growing steadily.




Professional production field

With professional production and processing capabilities with advanced and complete production equipment and inspection equipment, Sinbaiyi provides customers with materials + CNC lathe + CNC milling machine processing (aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, iron, various alloys and plastics and other materials) + grinding. Dye black. Hot spot. System integration and continuity services for painting and other systems, and provide OEM, ODM and other full-process OEMs. The processed products cover various categories such as automobile and motorcycle parts, painting equipment, automobile and motorcycle parts, heavy machinery and ATV cylinder kits, agricultural machinery, air compressors, sports equipment, medical equipment, etc.